Where Can an Ideal Height and Weight Chart for Women Be Found?


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The MNT Knowledge Center at MedicalNewsToday.com features ideal height and weight charts for women. From the MedicalNewsToday.com home page, click on M-O in the alphabet search bar, and follow the Obesity/Weight Loss/Fitness link to a section headed as "How much should I weigh for my age and height?"

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Where Can an Ideal Height and Weight Chart for Women Be Found?
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The first chart at MedicalNewsToday.com lists average weight ranges according to a woman's height and frame size. The chart uses imperial units of measurement and the frame size options include small, medium and large. The second chart is in a graphical format that enables the user to plot her height against her weight in metric or imperial measurements on the chart, which classifies her weight to height ratio in terms ranging from "underweight" to "very fat." She can also see how close she is to the ideal weight for her height as indicated by the dotted line marked "OK."

The charts from MedicalNewsToday also feature information about alternative ways of working out a woman's ideal weight. These methods include working out body mass index, measuring waist-hip ratio and calculating waist-height ratio. The article provides a link to an online body mass index calculator, but users can also make the calculations themselves. The charts at MedicalNewsToday.com also provide measurements and ratios for men.

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