Can I Take Ibuprofen and Penicillin at the Same Time?


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Individuals can take ibuprofen and penicillin at the same time, states Dr. James Ferguson on HealthTap. No known interactions occur between the two medications, notes Drugs.com.

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Ibuprofen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug that helps reduce inflammation, swelling, pain and fever, explains WebMD. It treats pain from conditions that include arthritis, headache, dental problems and menstrual cramps.

Penicillin is a prescription medication prescribed to treat bacterial infections, states Mayo Clinic. It either kills the bacteria or prevents it from growing. Several types of penicillin exist, and each treats certain types of infections.

In cases that involve both infection and pain, individuals may take penicillin to treat the infection and ibuprofen to control pain, notes Dr. Scott Harwood on HealthTap. It is best to consult with a physician or pharmacist before taking both medications together, advises Drugs.com.

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