How Can Hospitals Use Patient Feedback to Improve Overall Performance?


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Hospitals can use patient feedback to improve overall performance by creating easy and accessible avenues for the patients to provide feedback and then by implementing the feedback, reports Becker's Healthcare. Improving overall performance in the hospital environment can have financial benefits for the hospital as there are several pay-for-performance plans, states Health Affairs.

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These pay-for-performance plans are created as optional ways for hospitals to improve their performance while receiving financial help for their employees and patients. However, for hospitals that are interested in creating lasting change, listening to patient's feedback is the best place to start.

It is important that hospitals provide ways for patients to communicate their experiences including options like speaking with a specific designated member of the support staff or by filling out a confidential survey, writes Becker's Healthcare. Hospitals should make patients feel heard by calling all survey participant's individually to learn more about the positive and negative aspects of their stay at the hospital. Once hospitals have gathered a significant amount of data from their surveys, they should work to make practical changes in the hospital because even small changes can make a big difference in the way that the patient perceives the hospital. For example, studies have shown that doctors who sit down to talk to their patients are seen more positively than those who stand because patients feel that the doctors are not "rushing" and are more connected.

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