How Can You Find Hospice Reviews for a Specific Facility?

How Can You Find Hospice Reviews for a Specific Facility?

Several websites such as and HealthGrove provide reviews for hospices around the country. Visit these websites and perform a search for hospices in a particular area to bring up reviews. explains when hospice care is necessary and describes the process of selecting the right hospice for a loved one. It also provides customer reviews for most hospices.

  1. Visit the website and scroll down to the middle of the page
  2. Enter a zip code next to "Find a Hospice Near You." Click "Go" to continue. Users may also select their state or city at the bottom of the page.

  3. Read the reviews
  4. After selecting a city, the reviews available for different hospices appear on a new page. To read more reviews or to learn more about a specific hospice provider, click "Learn More."

  5. Contact the hospice service provider
  6. Contact the hospice service provider by clicking on the "Contact Now" button.

HealthGrove allows users to read reviews, compare hospice service providers and contact specific providers. Next to each hospice name is a list of services the hospice provides.

  1. Visit the page and enter a city or zip code
  2. Visit HealthGrove's homepage and enter a city or zip code on the left side of the page in the box provided. Select how far the search should encompass and select the services desired. Search results appear in the middle of the page.

  3. Click on the hospice
  4. Click on the desired hospice to bring up a page filled with services provided by the staff, reviews, and basic hospice information.

  5. Contact the hospice
  6. If the hospice has good reviews, scroll down to find its contact information. Included are directions, the address and phone number.