Can You Get HIV From Kissing?


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According to AIDS.gov, HIV cannot be transmitted from casual kissing as skin acts as a strong barrier; however, open-mouth kissing is not recommended. HIV also cannot be transmitted from shaking hands or hugging as HIV is only found in bodily fluids. HIV cannot be transmitted from insects.

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According to the Mayo Clinic, HIV is a sexually transmitted infection, and it can also be spread through contact with infected blood. HIV causes damage to the immune system, making it difficult for the body to fight disease-causing organisms. HIV can become AIDS within about 10 years if the HIV infection goes untreated.

The majority of people with HIV begin to show symptoms about a month or two after they are infected, says the Mayo Clinic. Some of these symptoms may include fever, chills, rash, muscle aches, night sweats, diarrhea and headache.

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