Can You Get HIV From the Barber?


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HIV cannot be transmitted through a nick or cut at the barber, according to AIDS.gov. HIV is transmitted through unprotected sexual contact, injected drug use, occupational hazards and rarely through organ transplants or blood transfusions. It can also be transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding.

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Symptoms of HIV vary according to a person's overall health and the stage of the disease. In the earliest stages of disease, about two to three weeks after exposure, some people have flu-like symptoms and swollen glands, states Planned Parenthood. These symptoms, which include fever, chills, and general achiness, may only last two to three weeks before disappearing and can easily be overlooked. Many people with HIV do not develop symptoms for at least 10 years post-exposure.

AIDS symptoms occur late in the course of the disease, according to Planned Parenthood. Symptoms include frequent and severe infections, weight loss of more than 10 pounds without an increase in physical activity or dieting, easy bruising and bleeding, frequent bouts of diarrhea and frequent bouts of coughing. As the immune system struggles to protect the body from pathogens, opportunistic infections take hold, and ultimately overwhelm the body.

HIV/AIDS cannot be cured, but it can be managed as a chronic illness for many decades with antiretroviral therapies, states AIDS.gov.

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