How Can You Be a Healthy Couch Potato?

How Can You Be a Healthy Couch Potato?

Do push-ups, along with side and front crunches, while on your couch. also recommends doing jumping jacks in between push-ups for extra exercise. These workouts can be done while watching TV, particularly between commercials, to avoid becoming too sedentary.

  1. Do couch push-ups

    Face the couch, then kneel on the floor about 2 feet away from the furniture. Place your hands a shoulders-width apart on the edge of the couch cushion and cross your ankles. Lower the upper half of your body to touch the couch, then lift your arms to push your chest away from the couch.

  2. Perform side crunches

    Lie on your side on the couch and bend your knees. Lift your shoulder off of the couch and bring your ribcage toward the hips. Repeat this exercise on both sides of your body to strengthen your oblique muscles.

  3. Try couch crunches

    Lie on your back, bend your knees and put your hands behind your head. Bring your head and upper back up to your knees to work your abdominal muscles. Hold this position for a few seconds each time you bring your upper body up. This helps to define your stomach muscles. This exercise may need to be performed on the floor if your couch cushions are very soft.