What Can Happen If an Individual Hits His or Her Head Hard?


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If an individual gets hit hard on his or her head, it could result in a head injury, which may either be a concussion, scalp wound or a skull fracture, and cause bleeding in the brain tissues or in the layers of matter that surround the brain, as reported by MedlinePlus. Head injuries can either be opened or closed. Closed head injuries mean that the hit to the head did not break the skull while open head injuries mean that the hit to the head broke through the skull and entered the brain, which usually happens during high speed impacts.

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The brain is extremely fragile, which is why it is the skull's responsibility to protect it. Even if the skull is not fractured, the brain may be bruised as it may have hit the side of the skull. Due to the possible severity of head injuries, injured individuals should seek medical help immediately. In fact, one in six injury-related hospital admissions each year are a result of a head injury.

Symptoms of a head injury can occur immediately or can take several hours before they emerge. Most head injuries happen due to accidents at home, at work or while playing sports. Falls, traffic accidents and physical assaults also may result in head injuries.

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