Can Hand Cramps Be Caused by Carpal Tunnel?


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Hand cramps are a common symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome, as stated by WebMD. In severe cases the cramps can be persistent and painful. The pain and cramping are caused from deterioration of the median nerve in the hand.

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Can Hand Cramps Be Caused by Carpal Tunnel?
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The pain and muscle cramps experienced due to inflammation or irritation can extend up through the forearm, notes WebMD. In the most severe cases, pain can extend upward through the shoulder.

Continued irritation or aggravation of the median nerve can lead to spasms in the hand. In some cases, the "twitches" are visibly noticeable. Additional symptoms of carpal tunnel include decreased strength in the hand and prolonged bouts of feeling pins and needles or tingling in the fingers, hands and forearms, according to WebMD.

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