How Can Hammertoes Be Cured?


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Hammertoes can be treated through exercise, wearing shoe pads and surgery in severe cases. To reduce complications caused by this condition, doctors usually recommend wearing fitting shoes, avoiding high heels, gentle massages and putting ice packs on affected areas. Hammertoes are usually caused by muscle and ligament imbalance that leads to the bending of a toe joint, according to WebMD.

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Individuals who suffer from hammertoes but are still able to move their toes are usually advised to wear shoes that allow the toes to move instead of holding them tightly. These shoes should also feature inserts or pads for increased comfort. Inserts or pads may assist in repositioning of the toes and relieving pain.

Exercises aimed at stretching the affected area may also help reposition the joint affected. These exercises equally help in strengthening of the toes. Picking small items from the floor using the toes can be a good way to exercise, notes Mayo Clinic.

Individuals with severe cases of hammertoes are likely to undergo surgery that involves removal of certain parts of the bone or tendon that prevents movement. Drugs that reduce inflammation and painkillers may be used to ease severe pain that may be caused by the condition.

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