Where Can You Find a Graphical Depiction of Endometriosis?


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Graphical depictions of endometriosis are presented online at Womens Surgery Group and the Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago. A slideshow of images that offers a guide to endometriosis is also featured at MedicineNet.

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Endometriosis is a medical condition resulting from the formation of endometrial tissue on the exterior of the uterine cavity. In the United States, an estimated 5.5 million women develop symptoms of the disease.

The images presented at Womens Surgery Group include red endometriosis, white endometriotic contusions, peritoneal pockets, non-pigmented and brown endometriosis, black and white endometriosis, bowel endometriosis and darkened endometriosis prior and after incision. The Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago shows ovarian and peritoneal endometriosis. Implants that developed on the pelvic lining and behind the uterus are also depicted.

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