Where Can You Find Some Good Exercises for Sciatica?


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Good exercises for sciatica are located on websites for Healthline and the Laser Spine Institute. Healthline.com offers two exercises that externally rotate the hip. Instructions for both the figure-4 stretch and the pigeon stretch have short videos that accompany them.

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Where Can You Find Some Good Exercises for Sciatica?
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The Laser Spine Institute (laserspineinstitute.com) recommends different exercises depending upon the cause of sciatica. For sciatica brought on by bulging or herniated disks, the site suggests a gentle extension and backward stretch. An exercise for degenerative disk disease concentrates on stabilizing the lower back.

In addition to exercises that improve posture, strengthen muscles and increase flexibility, other sciatica treatments are sometimes needed, Mayo Clinic reports. Prescription pain medications include anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants and narcotics. Steroid injections also help patients handle pain. Severe cases require surgery.

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