Where Can You Find Good Circuit Training Routines?


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Find good circuit training routines at Bodybuilding.com, RealSimple.com and Shape.com. Find three complete circuit training routines, including daily exercise lists at BodyBuilding.com. This website provides detailed descriptions of each exercise, the equipment needed for each exercise and a goal that the exercise will help to achieve. Included with this guide is a description of ways to increase metabolism between circuit training sessions, including dietary adjustments like eating healthy fats, increasing fibrous carbohydrates and increasing protein intake.

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Access a complete circuit training routine at RealSimple.com. Each exercise within the circuit training routine is diagrammed and described according to the muscle groups that the exercise works. Each step of the circuit training routine has variants to make the exercise easier or more difficult to make the routine beneficial to people of a variety of fitness levels.

Find a guide to design a personalized circuit training workout at Shape.com. Select a training time limit, upper- and lower-body exercises, a compound exercise, a one minute sprint and a rest routine. Each of these six steps are described and contain examples of possible exercises to personalize the circuit training routine. This guide also advises users on how to make the routine suitable for environments with either a large amount of available equipment or no equipment whatsoever.

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