Where Can You Find Glass Pipes?

Where Can You Find Glass Pipes?

Glass pipes are available for purchase from websites such as SmokeWire.com and GogoPipes.com. They are also sold through online marketplaces such as Etsy and eBay.

SmokeWire.com sells glass pipes in a variety of styles and colors. Available styles include hand pipe, spoon, Sherlock and animal shapes. Users can search by pipe style and price range. Other types of smoking pieces such as glass water pipes and bubblers are also available. Smoking accessories such as bowls, slides, grinders and digital scales are sold as well.

GogoPipes.com sells glass hand pipes, Sherlocks, steam rollers, chillums and animal shaped pipes. This website also carries water pipes, vaporizers and concentrate pipes. Other smoking accessories such as rolling tools, grinders, butane refills, hempwick and pipe cleaner are also sold.

Glass pipes sold through Etsy are handmade from glass blowers all over the world. Users can search by price, color and location. Many different styles and colors are available. Color options include red, blue, purple, black and yellow. Vintage glass pipes are also sold through Etsy. Handmade and vintage ashtrays and other smoking tools are sold through Etsy as well.

Glass pipes and hookah set ups are sold through eBay. Some of these items are up for auction, and others are available for immediate purchase.