How Can You Give Your Newborn Safe Constipation Relief?


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Parents can massage a newborn baby under the navel, add dark corn syrup to her formula or give her a mild stool softener under the direction of a doctor to relieve constipation safely, as stated by BabyCenter. Caretakers should also keep the baby hydrated to prevent constipation.

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How Can You Give Your Newborn Safe Constipation Relief?
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To massage the baby's belly, individuals should apply firm pressure three finger-widths below the navel on the left side for approximately three minutes, according to BabyCenter. Dark corn syrup can be added to formula in measurements of 1/4 teaspoon for every 4 ounces. Although this amount of dark corn syrup can be increased to improve effectiveness, babies should never be fed more than 1 teaspoon of dark corn syrup for 4 ounces of formula. If the baby is over 4 weeks old, an ounce of prune juice can be added to breast milk or formula for each month of the baby's life. Parents should call a doctor if the baby has not had a bowel movement within 24 hours or if her stools are hard.

Babies who are fed breast milk exclusively rarely have constipation problems due to the substance's balance of fats and proteins, but babies sometimes become constipated due to an ingredient in formula, according to BabyCenter. If constipation occurs, parents should speak with a doctor to see if switching formula brands is a good plan of action.

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