Can You Give Me a Carbohydrate Food List?


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Some foods that are high in carbohydrates include starchy vegetables, such as peas, corn and potatoes, and also grains, such as oats, wheat and barley. Sugar is a form of carbohydrate, and thus sugary foods, such as fruits and candy, are also high in carbohydrates.

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Can You Give Me a Carbohydrate Food List?
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The three types of carbohydrates found in foods are starches, sugars and fiber. According to the American Diabetes Association, sticking to foods that are higher in starch and fiber, but lower in sugar is good for health. Experts recommend that adults consume between 45 and 65 percent of their daily calories from carbohydrates in order to minimize their risk of chronic diseases.

Starch is a complex carbohydrate that takes your body time to break down into sugar. Eating foods that are high in starch provides the body with energy, but does not cause a rapid increase in blood sugar levels that can contribute to weight gain. Eating foods that are high in sugar, on the other hand, causes blood sugar levels to spike rapidly because the body does not have to break down the sugar. Fiber is a form of carbohydrate that the body cannot break down. Rather, it provides bulk in the diet and helps food move through the intestines more easily. Eating a diet rich in fiber has been shown to decrease the risk of colon cancer.

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