Can Geritol Help You Become Pregnant?

There is no evidence that taking Geritol improves women's fertility or increases their chances of getting pregnant, according to the company's website. While this rumor may be found on blogs and forums, women trying to conceive should get a doctor's advice about which prenatal vitamins best fit their needs.

Geritol is a multivitamin with iron that prevents and treats vitamin deficiency caused by some illnesses, poor diet, digestive disorders, pregnancy and other conditions, states While the company's website states that there is no evidence that the specific multivitamin Geritol improves fertility, there is evidence that vitamin D deficiency increases infertility, notes WebMD. Researchers in Italy conducted a small study that compared the success of in vitro fertilization in women with vitamin D deficiencies to women with adequate levels of vitamin D. The participants with adequate levels of vitamin D were twice as likely to get pregnant.

Similarly, there is some evidence that iron deficiency may be linked to infertility, reports ABC News. An observational study conducted by researchers at Harvard University found that the women taking iron supplements were 40 percent less likely to have infertility resulting from ovarian failure. However, the researchers recommend caution when interpreting these results because the findings do not prove that the iron supplements caused the increase in fertility.