Can the Garmin Connect Vivofit Help You Become More Physically Fit?


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The Garmin Connect Vivofit is an armband that tracks daily activity, steps and sleep habits to help users become more physically fit. People who purchase the Garmin product can evaluate their activity throughout the day numerically to see how to improve their lifestyle.

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The Garmin Connect Vivofit can benefit people who already lead an active lifestyle and those who want to get physically fit. The armband gives users numerical facts to improve fitness specific to each individual. Calories burned, steps taken, total distance and hours slept each day are recorded. The band alerts users when they have been inactive for an hour or longer with a red meter that pops up on the LCD screen. The red appears until the user becomes active again with some brisk walking. The screen is always on so users are constantly aware of fitness data that is gathered. Users can set goals for themselves, which holds them accountable for achieving and continuing their journey in physical fitness.

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