How Can I Get a Full-Body Workout Without Lifting Weights?

can-full-body-workout-lifting-weights Credit: Brook Pifer/Taxi/Getty Images

Exercises such as squats, push-ups, lunges, crunches, jumping jacks and planks in different variations all lend themselves to an effective full-body workout without the use of any equipment or weights, according to Men's Fitness. The human body offers a great form of resistance and can essentially be used as its own weight machine when utilized creatively.

Equipment-free workouts are becoming a fast-growing trend, but many of them are focused quite heavily on aerobics and are considered to be less comprehensive as a result. Bodybuilding and weight training are both important aspects of a well-rounded exercise program and should not be overlooked when planning a thorough workout regimen. Men's Fitness recommends that body-weight exercises be performed in rapid succession to one another with little room for rest in between, as this taxes the muscles to a greater extent and causes them to adapt and expand in strength and size.

This is the essence of weight training. Dave Smith for The Huffington Post notes that body-weight exercises also contribute to a person's overall flexibility and balance. Weight machines in the gym are designed to assist people in these areas, essentially doing a large portion of the work for them. Yoga is a great example of one form of body-weight training that also improves limberness and plasticity.