Where Can Facts Be Found on Drug Abuse?


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Facts about drug abuse are available online through MedllinePlus, MedicineNet and HealthCentral.com. These websites provide detailed information about prescription and street drugs. They also explain the symptoms of drug dependence and provide information about treatment, rehabilitation and recovery.

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MedlinePlus provides an overview of a variety of drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines and narcotics. Drug use statistics and facts about how specific drugs affect the body are also available on the site. MedlinePlus provides background information about certain drugs, such as information about the drug's place of origin or how it's created. The website also features a list of resources for those seeking treatment assistance.

MedicineNet lists dozens of facts related to drug abuse and drug addiction. Some of the facts include statistics, and others provide information about specific substances people use to get high. Some of the facts provided are about the physical and psychological effects of certain drugs. The website also provides facts about the biological causes of drug abuse, drug dependence, remission and relapse.

HealthCentral.com has facts about commonly abused substances as well as common reasons for abuse, which include environmental causes, peer pressure and experimentation. HealthCentral.com also provides information about the type of individuals who have a higher risk of becoming addicted to drugs.

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