How Can Foot Pain Be Prevented?


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Foot pain can be prevented by choosing the correct shoes, not wearing high heels, losing extra weight, not wearing flip-flops and refraining from walking on bare feet, according to WebMD. An individual who experiences problems with feet should have the issues treated immediately to prevent the problem from worsening.

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Corns, hammertoe and bunions can all result from wearing improper shoes, notes WebMD. An individual with high arches or flat feet should buy shoes made specifically for that foot type, and the shoes should also be supportive, cushioning and have a rigid heel. A person can determine what type of foot he has by stepping on a paper bag with a wet foot. Seeing half an arch means the person has normal feet, while seeing nearly the entire foot indicates flat feet. The appearance of a thin line from the ball of the foot to the heel indicates high arches.

Frequently wearing high heels often leads to corns and bunions, according to WebMD. Women who choose to wear high heels should opt for two-inch heels and not wear them for an extended period of time. Chunky heels are better for women with flat feet.

Common foot problems associated with extra weight include muscle pain, muscle fatigue and pain in the arches and heels, according to WebMD. Carrying around excess weight has also been known to change the structure of the foot.

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