Can You Fly After Cataract Surgery?


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Air travel after cataract surgery does not hurt the eye, as confirmed by the Gavin Herbert Eye Institute. Patients should avoid wearing eye makeup for the first two weeks after surgery, but they may drive as soon as they feel able.

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Although vision may initially be blurry, it should begin improving within the first several days after surgery as the eye adjusts, explains Mayo Clinic. Although itching and mild discomfort for the first few days is common, patients should avoid rubbing or pressing on the eye. The doctor may recommend wearing an eye patch as well as a protective shield at night during this initial healing period. Patients may also have to take medicated eyedrops to reduce inflammation, balance pressure in the eye and prevent infection. Complete healing can generally be expected within eight weeks after surgery.

Most patients need to wear glasses after cataract surgery, but they should wait until the eye is completely healed before getting a final prescription, according to Mayo Clinic. Patients should immediately contact a doctor if they experience increased redness of the eye, vision loss, pain that does not resolve with over-the-counter medication, nausea, excessive coughing or vomiting. They should also contact a doctor if they see flashes of light or multiple spots in front of the eye.

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