Can Flour Be Used As a Burn Remedy?


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Individuals should not put flour on a burn, as it is not an effective remedy and may make the situation worse, according to the Centre for Children's Burns & Trauma Research. They should also avoid placing butter, toothpaste, oil, moisturizers and other household products on a burn.

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Holding the affected skin under cool, running water for 20 minutes hastens the healing of the burn while decreasing scarring, according to studies by the Centre for Children's Burns & Trauma Research. However, individuals should not put ice on a burn, which can potentially cause a cold burn. If no running water is available, the person can soak towels in cold water to place on the affected area, or they can dip the affected hand or foot in a tub of water. Individuals should only go to the hospital after running cold water over the burn, as the staff may not be able to attend to the injury immediately.

For first- and second-degree burns, individuals should wash the area with mild soap and water, being careful to leave blisters intact, according to Mayo Clinic. They should then apply an aloe gel or anesthetic cream to soothe pain and prevent dryness, loosely bandage the area with sterile gauze, and take an over-the-counter pain reliever if necessary.

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