How Can I Get a Flatter Stomach Fast?


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To get a flat stomach fast, eat a healthy, well-balanced intake of food daily. According to Women's Health Magazine, it helps to eat less processed foods and more whole foods. It is also important to eat small amounts of food often to manage hunger and maintain energy and blood sugar levels. Women's Health says to stay hydrated and make home-cooked meals in order to develop a flat stomach.

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Women's Health Magazine discusses the importance of not going on a diet. Going on a diet rarely leads to consistent and long-term weight loss. Weight loss may occur fairly quickly by going on a diet because of restricting the body of food. However, the brain ends up using the limited calories and may not be functioning optimally to maintain the diet.

Instead of going on a diet, Women's Health Magazine states that eating foods that are filling, satisfy hunger and provide energy to the body. Healthy, whole foods that taste great lead to a flatter stomach. Women's Health Magazine says to reduce or eliminate processed foods. In the grocery store, try to stick mainly to the produce, meat, and dairy sections of the grocery store. This strategy leads to a flatter stomach, because it enhances the likelihood of purchasing and eating healthy foods.

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