How Can You Flatten Your Stomach?


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Getting a flatter stomach usually requires a combination of a healthy diet, cardio and stomach-strengthening exercises. Some of the best exercises for flattening the belly are crunches, standing side crunches, knee ups, chest flies and lunges.

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Bloating and improper diet are some of the major causes of a bigger belly, so staying away from sugar as much as possible helps keep the stomach flat. In addition, fully chewing food can help reduce bloating, as can switching from traditional salt to sea salt. Many experts also recommend eating a high-protein snack in the mid-afternoon, which can help give the metabolism a boost and shed unwanted pounds. Stick to a normal routine of eating three well-rounded meals a day to help keep metabolism regulated. Pay close attention to the portion size of each meal to avoid overeating, and try to include as many whole grains as possible in the diet, as these can also help a person lose belly fat.

While ab exercises are a great help at flattening the stomach, overdoing them can have the opposite effect. Focus more on cardiovascular exercises, such as jogging, and limit the crunches, sit-ups and other ab-strengthening exercises to only three or four times a week.

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