Can You Fix a Broken Tooth With Glue?


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Fixing a broken tooth with glue is not a recommended solution. It is preferable to always have any damage to a tooth looked at by a professional to ensure the correct procedure is utilized and is performed correctly.

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Can You Fix a Broken Tooth With Glue?
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Using an adhesive such as superglue on a tooth is a risky procedure. Even with proper dental experience, it is easy to make mistakes in resetting the tooth piece. This could result in further damage to the tooth and the rest of the mouth. In addition, many over-the-counter glues are not safe for consumption. The adhesive dentists use is safer and stronger than anything found at a store, providing a less risky option compared to a do-it-yourself tactic. Sometimes pharmacies sell temporary dental adhesive, but this should only be used as a temporary fix until a dentist is seen.

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