How Can You Fix Broken Dentures?

It may be possible to fix broken dentures with superglue or a denture repair kit. In most cases, however, it is best to have broken dentures repaired by a dentist or other experienced professional.

Those people who wear dentures rely on them as an aid to improving their appearance and oral health in general. Dentures may break for a variety of reasons, including general wear and tear, substandard manufacturing or by accidentally dropping them.

If the issue is something as simple as one of the teeth falling out, a simple temporary fix one can try at home is to use super glue to reattach the tooth. Just dry off the tooth and the denture, then attach the tooth with a drop of super glue. Doing so should last long enough until a visit can be made to the dentist for a more permanent fix. A denture repair kit from a local drug store can be helpful for small fixes also.

Sometimes the damage may be more extensive, such as a chip or crack in the palate. Experts at Alta Dental Care and the Texas Denture Clinic advise against fixing damage like this at home. Gluing a denture palate back together can change the bite and render it useless. If a denture plate is cracked or chipped, a professional will need to realign the pieces to ensure a proper fit.