How Can You Get Fitted for a Hearing Aid?


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To get fitted for a hearing aid, undergo a hearing test, acquire a medical clearance, and go through an assessment that allows the audiologist to determine the appropriate hearing aid for you, states Cleveland Clinic. Undergo another fitting appointment after receiving your hearing aids to check the actual physical fit.

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In an audiologic evaluation, an audiologist assesses the extent of your hearing loss and how it affects your communication skills, explains Cleveland Clinic. After the test, it is important to get a medical clearance in the form of a medical waiver or written statement from your doctor to confirm that surgical methods and other medical options cannot improve your hearing.

During a hearing needs assessment, the audiologist informs you about different hearing aid styles and how these devices can improve your sense of hearing, says Cleveland Clinic. The right hearing aids for you depends on your listening needs, lifestyle and preferences. The audiologist may create impressions of your ears to customize the hearing aids.

See the audiologist for a fitting appointment after you receive the hearing aids, so he can adjust and program the devices and check whether they fit properly without physical discomfort, suggests Cleveland Clinic. The audiologist also explains how to use and maintain the devices. After the fitting session, you may have to go through follow-up consultations to fine-tune the hearing aids further.

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