How Can a Fitbit Tracker Be Set up on a Computer?

To set up a Fitbit tracker on your computer, simply install the Fitbit Connect software, set up an account, and log in. Next, connect your tracker to your computer to view and log your data.

On PCs, the Fitbit Connect software downloads as an .exe file. After the file downloads, click Run, and then follow any prompts. On Mac computers, the file saves as a .dmg file. Click on the file to open it, and follow the instructions.

Click on Set Up A New Fitbit Device to set up a new account or add a Fitbit tracker to an existing account. Fill in your personal information, and then select which tracker you are setting up. With the tracker nearby, plug in the USB wireless dongle into your computer to allow for proper pairing of the device. Follow any instructions to complete the set-up process. Once the tracker has properly connected to your Fitbit account, wait to receive a notification.

In order to keep the data current, regularly sync the tracker data to your computer. You can check when your Fitbit account was last synced by clicking on the gear icon located at the top right corner of the Fitbit dashboard.