How Can I Get Fit in Two Weeks?


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It is impossible to reach peak physical fitness in as little time as two weeks, but there are certain health and dietary changes that produce prompt results. According to Fitness Blender, it is possible to gain one-half pound of muscle over the course of two weeks, and Calories Per Hour notes that it takes 3,500 calories to burn 1 pound of fat.

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Weight loss is one of the only noticeable physical changes that can be accomplished within two weeks, and it can increase the appearance of muscle, making the body appear more fit overall. Fitness Blender notes that it is possible to increase the body's endurance within one week, improving overall fitness and making it easier to burn more calories for a more visibly noticeable change. Those who engage in high-repetition workouts can also expect to see more toned results in as little as two weeks.

According to WebMD, a quick and easy way to improve fitness is to start eating breakfast every morning. The strategically timed calories provide fuel for the day and energy for calorie-burning exercises. Breakfast is also known for fighting against hunger and kicking the body's metabolism into motion each morning, making it much easier to cut back on calories and get fit during a short period of time.

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