How Can I Get Fit in 3 Weeks?


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When attempting to get fit in just 21 days, it is necessary to dramatically decrease caloric input and exercise muscles to their maximum ability, according to Men's Journal. Women's Health recommends an effective workout plan that involves six workouts lasting no more than 30 minutes each. These exercises include two total-body toning routines, two fat-trimming workout intervals and two recovery sessions.

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Two times a week, individuals should perform a toning routine that covers the total body, according to Women's Health. Suggested moves include the plank with alternating leg lift, dumbbell squats with an overhead press, wood chops with a resistance band, dynamic lunges, Romanian deadlifts and bent-over rows. These exercises should be done at 12 to 15 reps for one set during the first week and two sets during the remaining 14 days.

Fat-trimming exercises include the mountain climber, lateral shuffle and jump squat, and they should be done two times a week with no rest in between exercises. For the first seven days, each exercise should be done five times for 20 seconds, the next week six times for 30 seconds, and during the last week, seven times for 40 seconds.

The hip flexor stretch, double hip extension, standing chest stretch and floor I-position raise are the results-enhancing recovery exercises that should be completed twice a week. It's best to repeat each exercise at least twice.

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