How Can You Figure Out the Best Frame Shape for Your Face Shape?


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To figure out the best frame shape for your face shape, first measure your features to determine which of the seven face shapes you have, then choose frames that add proportionality and emphasize your personal best features. Ensure that the frame size is in scale with your face size as well, so that your frames are not too small or large.

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When choosing the best frame shape for your face, identify the widest part of your face, taking measurements if it is not obvious at a glance.

Faces that are widest at the cheekbones are diamond-shaped. Oval faces have all measurements roughly equal and are proportional. Round faces are similar to ovals but are shorter in length. Heart-shaped faces have broad foreheads and narrow, pointed chins.

Faces with a longer lower half are considered oblong. A proportional face with a prominent jaw line is a square-shaped face, while a face with a big jawline and smaller forehead is pear-shaped.

After determining you face shape, choose frames that make your face appear closer to the proportional oval shape. For example, pear-shaped faces have narrow foreheads, so frames that add volume to the top half of the face are recommended, such as frames with elaborate top halves or cat-eye frames. If you have an oblong face, choose glasses that are wider than your face to give a shorter, more proportional look.

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