Where can you find fever temperature charts for children?


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A fever temperature chart for children is provided on the Advil website. Additional fever temperature information for children is available on the websites for Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic.

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Cleveland Clinic recommends parents seek medical attention if a fever develops in an infant who is less than 3 months old. In children 3 months and older, parents are advised to seek medical attention if the child's fever lasts more than five days; the temperature exceeds 104 degrees Fahrenheit; or the temperature remains elevated after the child is given fever-reducing medications.

Fevers are also worrisome when they affect a child's behavior, according to Cleveland Clinic. Children who are not consuming sufficient liquids and urinating every eight to 12 hours are at significant risk of becoming dehydrated. If a fever results in a seizure, parents are advised to call 911 for immediate medical attention.

However, not all fevers require immediate medical attention, cautions Cleveland Clinic. Parents should not be alarmed at temperatures up to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit in children ages 3 months and older. Temporary temperature increases are also common in children who have recently received a vaccination. But if a change in temperature raises concern, parents should contact their child's pediatrician.

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