How Can Females Looking for Men Online Remain Safe?

According to and EHarmony, leading online dating websites, one of the most important things a woman can do to stay safe when dating online is to always meet men in a public place. Women should also tell a friend where they are meeting their dates and the names of the men they meet, so that someone can investigate if they are not heard from.

Other important physical safety tips include making sure to drive by oneself rather than relying on a date for transportation and to always go home by oneself after the initial date. Further, staying sober is important, as people under the influence of alcohol have impaired judgment and are more easily manipulated and overpowered.

Match also recommends several online safety tips, so that women can avoid scams and other malicious intent online. Online daters should never accede to requests to send money, especially to an overseas account, since wired money is hard to recover. Also, women should take caution in sharing personal information such as a full name, e-mail address or physical address. Such information makes it easier for people to find out where a person lives to rob them, assault them or otherwise do them harm.