Can You Feel Your Baby Move at 13 Weeks?

A woman who is experiencing her second or third pregnancy can feel the baby move at 13 weeks, according to WebMD. Women pregnant for the first time do not generally feel the baby's movements until at least 16 weeks. It is not uncommon for first-time mothers to not feel movement until they are 25 weeks pregnant.

Quickening is the term used to refer to the first fetal movements felt by a pregnant woman. Women who are pregnant for the first time may not recognize early fetal movements because they feel similar to gas. The first movements that a woman feels are often described as feeling like butterflies or popcorn popping. As a mother gets further along in her pregnancy, the movements become much more noticeable as they evolve in actual kicks and jabs. Women experiencing a subsequent pregnancy can better identify early fetal movement because they know what it feels like

It is not uncommon for early fetal movements to be sporadic and inconsistent. A woman may not feel her baby for a couple days after she first notices the baby's movements. Movement becomes more consistent towards the end of the second trimester. Once a woman is 28 weeks, her doctor may ask her to perform daily kick counts to help ensure that all is well with her baby. Exact instructions vary from doctor to doctor, but in general, women should feel 10 movements in two hours by the time they are 28 weeks pregnant. Any change in fetal movement at this point in the pregnancy warrants a call to the doctor.