How Can I Get Fatter Thighs?


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Getting "fatter" thighs actually involves building muscle. Physiologist Brad Schoenfeld for Fitness magazine explains that EMG studies show that basics like squats, lunges and calf raises work the leg muscles best, but women do not tend to build big muscles because of a lack of testosterone. He suggests his Love Your Legs workout three times a week on non-consecutive days, resting for around 30 seconds between sets.

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Brad Schoenfeld's workout routine includes: split squats, sissy squats, pistol squats, goblet squats, three-way lunges and hamstring curls. His recommended routine also includes exercises called: good morning thrusts, single-leg dead lifts and calf raise three ways. According to Brad Schoenfeld, these exercise moves work out fibers in the legs that may be overlooked.

Dr. Michael J. Joyner, a physiologist at the Mayo Clinic, makes a few suggestions regarding building thigh muscle for men, including squats with barbells. He suggests using a barbell to build the calf muscles and increasing the weight of the barbells as strength increases. Alternatively, he suggests using a squat machine as the safest way to perform squats. According to Dr. Joyner, the thigh machine builds the thigh muscles by having the exerciser sit with the knees bent and feet locked behind a bar attached to a stack of weights. He also recommends leg lunges as a safe and effective way to build up muscles in the legs.

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