How Can a Father Help in the Delivery Room?

can-father-delivery-room Credit: Jade Brookbank/Stone/Getty Images

A father can help in the delivery room by keeping the child's mother comfortable by rubbing her feet or back, providing her with ice chips and coaching her through hard contractions. Fathers can also help control who enters the birthing room and hold the mother's hand throughout the delivery process.

If the child's mother is having back pain during labor, a back rub can help ease her pain. She is probably not able to drink liquids during labor and delivery, but she can have ice chips. Getting the ice chips and giving them to her helps soothe her throat and can relieve her thirst. As labor pains become more intense, fathers can also implement techniques they learned in childbirth classes, and they can remind mothers to use specific techniques as well. These include breathing techniques that can help ease discomfort during contractions. If the mother does not want certain people in the room, fathers can keep them out until the baby is delivered or until the mother is comfortable having visitors. Finally, once the baby is born, fathers can help comfort the mother by dabbing her forehead with a cool towel or fluffing her pillows. A father can also praise and thank the mother for bringing his child into the world.