How Can Fallopian Tubes Be Unblocked Naturally?

Fallopian tubes can be unblocked naturally with fertility cleansing, systemic enzyme therapy, abdominal or fertility massage, castor oil therapy or with herbal therapy, according to Natural Fertility Info. To determine which method may be most effective, the underlying cause behind the problem must be determined first.

With fertility cleansing, patients take different types of herbal remedies that will then be absorbed into the body, and will go to work wherever they are needed. Upon finishing fertility cleansing, the patients' bodies are in a "clean slate" and will typically be more responsive to other natural remedies.

Systemic enzyme therapy involves using enzymes that are naturally found within the body to reduce inflammation, pain and scar tissue build-up. This type of therapy can also increase circulation, cleanse the blood and also reduce immunological responses.

Massage therapy can help support fallopian tube health as it increases circulation and break up adhesions. Massage therapy can also reduce inflammation. There are three different types of massage therapies to choose from: self fertility massage, clear passages massage and the Arvigo techniques of Mayo abdominal massage.

For castor oil therapy, a cloth is soaked with castor oil and placed on the skin to enhance healing and circulation. Castor oil therapy can also help soften up the tissues in the fallopian tubal area.

Taking different herbs may also prove to be beneficial. These herbs possess anti-inflammatory benefits and can help balance hormones. Common herbs include ginger root, hawthorn, wild yam, uva ursi and peony root.