Can Facial Moles Be Safely Removed at Home?


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Moles can be removed at home, but a safer option is to let a doctor remove them in his office. Mole removal at home increases the chances of developing an infection, bleeding or scarring, according to WebMD.

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Can Facial Moles Be Safely Removed at Home?
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Moles are pigmented skin growths that may change in color. Within the first 20 years of a person's life, some moles develop, states WebMD. The initial color is brown, but blue, black or flesh-toned moles exist. Although moles are generally harmless, bumping them on objects or catching them on clothing or jewelry causes irritation and pain. For cosmetic reasons, patients may request mole removal, but moles can be cancerous. Odd appearances of the mole prompt a physician to order a biopsy. During the biopsy, the mole is removed and analyzed for cancer at a lab.

A physician uses a local anesthetic before cutting, freezing or burning off a mole, explains WebMD. Raised moles can be shaved off or cut off with surgical scissors, but deeply rooted moles may require a deep cut with a scalpel and stitches to close the cut. Freezing leaves a blister after the mole is removed by application of liquid nitrogen to the site. The blister heals without further treatment. Burning requires electricity passed through the top layer of skin and sometimes requires multiple treatments. The heat generated reduces bleeding.

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