How Can You Get Facial Filler Injections?


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A cosmetic surgeon or a dermatologist can perform a facial-filler injection in less than an hour, reports WebMD. A typical session lasts about 15 minutes; multiple sessions are sometimes required.

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Facial-filler injections are used to fill lines and wrinkles by raising or pumping up the skin, reports WebMD. Unlike Botox injections, which cause the muscle below the surface of the skin to relax, injections of facial fillers raise the skin beneath the line or wrinkle with substances including hyaluronic acid, synthetic biodegradable polymers, autologous fat, and a combination of microscopic plastic beads and bovine collagen.

Different facial fillers produce results lasting varying amounts of time, according to WebMD. Injections using hyaluronic acid last about nine months to a year, while synthetic biodegradable polymer lasts up to 2 years. Autologous fat taken from the body of individual having the procedure typically lasts for months or even years. Microscopic beads with bovine collagen has produced results lasting more than 5 years.

Facial filler injections sometimes produce side effects, including bleeding, bruising, infection and allergic reactions causing rash, hives, swelling and flu-like symptoms, cautions WebMD. Serious complications including anaphylactic shock, blindness caused by blood clots in the retinal arteries, sepsis and necrosis have been reported.

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