How Can a Face Be Slimmed Down?


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The best way to slim down a face is to ensure having the correct diet and plentiful exercise. Another good way is to perform facial exercises on a daily and weekly basis.

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There are many reasons why someone's face might be not so slim anymore. This can be due to things such as water retention and bad diet. The best way to slim down someone's face is to ensure proper health and making sure the body is taken care of.

  1. Drinking enough water and eating right
  2.  These can be major factors in determining what the face looks like. The face is simply skin stretched over muscles; however, the face gets more of a workout than the rest of the body and is exposed to much more. Staying healthy on the inside is the best prevention against negative effects.
  3. Facial yoga or facial exercising
  4.  There are certain exercises out there deemed to help keep the muscles under the face in shape so that gravity does not have as much of an effect on them. One example is placing three fingers under the cheekbones, and dropping the jaw to form a long "O" with the mouth while pushing upwards with the fingers to stretch out cheek muscles.
  5. Losing weight
  6.  It takes upwards of 20 lbs. being lost on the body for it to begin showing in the face.
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