How Can Eyelid Surgery Help People With Droopy Eyes?


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An eyelift helps improve the appearance of droopy eyes by lifting the sagging skin into a more youthful position, according to WebMD. The surgery, which is also known as a blepharoplasty, removes excess skin from the upper eyelid area to give the area a more toned look while reducing bagginess from under the lower lids. The surgery is usually considered a strictly elective cosmetic procedure.

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The skin gradually loses its elasticity and firmness due to aging, notes WebMD. Gravity causes any excess skin to collect on both the upper and lower eyelids, giving a droopy appearance. The lack of elasticity in the skin allows gravity to take its toll on the eye area, while excess skin on the lower lid causes bulges and wrinkles adding to the effect. In some extreme cases, the extra skin on the upper lid can even hang over the eyelashes and interfere with vision.

During the procedure, the surgeon makes cuts on the natural lines of the eyelids, separating the tissue from the excess muscle, skin and fat and removing any excess. The surgeon closes the cuts with small stitches, leaving the area looking firmer and more toned. Surgery on the lower lid may involve removing fat from the lower eyelid and softening lines in the area using an erbium or C02 laser.

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