How Can You Get an Eye Exam Without Health Insurance?

How Can You Get an Eye Exam Without Health Insurance?


Individuals can access eye exams through various governmental and non-governmental programs within the United States. Most of these programs target people who are unable to raise enough income to cater for their medical needs. Talking to a local social worker or a community agency can be a good way to learn more about assistance programs within the region, notes the National Eye Institute.

Some examples of organizations that offer assistance regarding eye exams and surgery include EyeCare America, Vision USA, Lions Club International and Mission Cataract USA. These organizations may assist in terms of providing free or low-cost exams, eye glasses and drugs, according to the National Eye Institute. To obtain assistance without insurance, do the following:

  1. Select an appropriate organization
  2. Different institutions have varied requirements for assistance. It is a good idea to compare the organizations and choose one that is most likely to offer assistance.

  3. Go to the organization's website
  4. Once an organization has been selected, go to its website and read more information regarding its assistance programs and how to apply for help.

  5. Submit an application
  6. On the website, click on the link that leads to the application form and enter all required details accurately.

  7. Wait for feedback
  8. Once an application has been submitted, wait patiently for the organization to reply to the application.