What Can You Expect When You Visit the Gynecologist?

When seeing a woman for her first gynecology visit, the doctor may need to ask many private questions regarding the woman and her family, such as details of her menstrual period, sexual activity and family history, states the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. The doctor may perform a general physical exam and an internal pelvic exam. A teen typically receives an external genitalia exam rather than an internal exam unless she is having problems or concerns.

The general physical exam includes checking height and weight, blood pressure, and overall physical condition. During an external exam, the doctor looks at the woman's genitalia, such as the vulva, and may discuss the different parts. This is a good opportunity for a woman to learn about her body, suggests the ACOG.

An internal pelvic exam typically involves looking at the outside and inside genitalia, including the vagina and cervix, inserting gloved fingers into the vagina to feel the uterus and other internal organs, and performing a Pap test, explains the ACOG. To look at the internal genitalia and to perform the Pap test, the doctor inserts a speculum to see inside. During the Pap test, the doctor takes a small brush and collects a sample of cells to test for cervical cancer.