What Can You Expect From Physical Therapy for Hip Pain?


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In order to treat hip pain, a regimen of strengthening the muscles and stretching the ligaments around the hip joint is necessary, states Everyday Health. Initial treatments usually involve stretching the hip joints, as reduced mobility can result in increased stiffness post exercise and an overall reduction in physical activity.

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An initial evaluation by a physical therapist is necessary to determine the appropriate exercises for the patient's specific condition. Special attention is required when the individual has recently undergone a hip replacement, adds Everyday Health.

There are various exercises that can be done daily at home, according to Everyday Health. One recommended exercise is for the patient to lie on his back, knees bent and feet flat on the floor. The patient then raises his hips from the floor for 30 repetitions. Another variation is to lift one foot at a time from the floor in the same position. The patient should focus on feeling his buttock muscles contract during these exercises. After progressing through these movements, specific exercises at a gym can be done a few times a week to continue to strengthen the hip muscles. Squats are recommended for patients who have not undergone a hip replacement, and quadriceps extensions and hamstring curls are recommended for all patients. For these as well, the patient should aim for around 30 repetitions per exercise.

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