What Can You Expect Before and After a Nose Job?


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Before rhinoplasty, the medical team completes preoperative testing and a medical history evaluation to avoid surgical risks, states MedicineNet. The doctor typically provides instructions to abstain from liquids and specific medications, such as aspirin and many anti-inflammatory drugs, before the procedure. After surgery, expect to wear a nasal cast or splint for a week while swelling subsides. Nose dressings must be changed regularly, and the physician may prescribe antibiotic treatment and a light diet.

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Rhinoplasty is surgical repair and reshaping of the nose, according to Mayo Clinic. Depending on the reason for surgery, the medical team discusses your expectations for the final result and examines the existing nose structure to assess the difficulty of achieving that outcome. As smoking hinders healing, doctors recommend quitting smoking in advance. Based on the surgical demands, the doctor administers local or general anesthesia, so prearranged transportation is necessary to return home after surgery.

While in recovery, keep your head elevated during the prescribed bed-rest period, explains Mayo Clinic. Blood or mucus may drain from the surgical site temporarily, but the splint and dressings are usually required for no more than a week. The doctor may advise you to perform routine activities more carefully, including brushing teeth, making facial expressions, putting on clothing, showering and wearing glasses. Limit sodium intake, and follow the recommended diet of high-fiber foods to avoid constipation.

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