What Can You Expect After Sinus Surgery?


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Most patients experience congestion, mild headaches and some nasal bleeding after sinus surgery. Most people end up taking a week or two off from their jobs, depending on their recovery and the physical requirements of the position, according to Everyday Health.

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Sinus surgery generally is the last treatment option for people suffering from sinus pain. For people who undergo the procedure, it is effective between 85 and 90 percent of the time. The process involves the surgeon looking through an endoscope, a narrow tube that snakes into the noses and sinuses. The procedure allows the surgeon to remove diseased tissue, and open up sinus and nasal passages, as stated by Everyday Health.

In most cases, patients go home the same day as the surgery, once the local or general anesthesia wears off. Most cases do not require packing in the nasal passages, and when they do, doctors often use absorbable packing so that the patient does not have to return to have it removed. Full recovery can take up to several months. There is a risk of infection, but prescription antibiotics treat that problem effectively. Risks of anesthesia include stroke, heart attack and death, but those are not specific to sinus surgery. One unusual side effect is an alteration in voice quality, which is possible when the surgery significantly alters the physical structure inside the sinuses, notes Everyday Health.

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