What Can You Expect After Meniscus Surgery?


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After undergoing meniscus surgery, a patient can expect to have limited mobility for at least a month and to perform physical therapy exercises to improve the knee's ability to flex, according to WebMD. Strenuous activities such as running should be avoided to allow the knee to heal properly.

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In addition to the rehabilitation plan that patients must follow after surgery, patients must also care for and monitor their knee for signs of infection immediately after surgery, asserts Cleveland Clinic. For up to six weeks after the surgery, patients may have to use crutches or a knee brace to avoid putting too much weight on their knee joint. Patients must follow an exercise regimen that gradually allows them to straighten their knee and maintain muscle strength in their hips and thighs.

Meniscus surgery is done on the cartilage, called menisci, located in the knee joints, states Everyday Health. When the menisci begin to break down or tear, the individual feels extreme pain in the knee. Movements can worsen the symptoms of pain, although some individuals may not have a full range of motion in their knee joint. In some cases, physical therapy, compression and anti-inflammatory medications can help repair the damage, but surgery is recommended for individuals who have moderately-sized tears in the meniscus, notes WebMD.

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