What Can You Expect After Inguinal Hernia Surgery?

Most individuals are able to go home the same day that they have open hernia repair surgery and usually recover within three weeks, states WebMD. It is common to experience swelling over the incision in the first 24 hours after surgery.

Individuals may return to light activity after three weeks and can resume strenuous exercise after six weeks, explains WebMD. Most are able to drive in about two weeks or as soon as the groin pain is gone. Sexual intercourse is possible after about three weeks. Using an ice pack on the incision in the first 24 hours is recommended to treat swelling. If the incision is red and warm, a testicle is hard or swollen, and there is fever or wound bleeding, individuals should seek immediate medical attention, as these may be signs of infection.

Emergency hernia repair surgery is required when the hernia contains a loop of intestine without blood supply, also known as a strangulated hernia, states WebMD. Incarcerated hernias contain a trapped loop of intestine and require repair as soon as possible to avoid strangulation. Hernias that are not causing discomfort and those that can be pushed back into the abdomen can be repaired when it is convenient. In some individuals, painless hernias may never need to be repaired.