What Can You Expect After a Hysterectomy?


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After a hysterectomy, you can expect to stay in the hospital for up to several days, according to Mayo Clinic. The hospital stay usually includes light physical activity soon after surgery. The full recovery time varies, but you can expect to wait at least six weeks before exerting yourself or lifting heavy objects. After the hysterectomy, you can no longer menstruate or become pregnant, but most normal activities remain the same.

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Depending on your age and whether or not your ovaries are removed during the surgery, a hysterectomy can cause your body to go into menopause. Regardless, the pre-surgery pain and other symptoms should abate, states the Mayo Clinic.

After the hysterectomy, it is important to avoid household chores until the doctor approves it, asserts WebMD. The recovery period for an abdominal hysterectomy may last for eight weeks; a vaginal procedure or a laparoscopic procedure requires a shorter recovery time. Some women can refrain from normal activities for as little as two weeks. No matter which procedure you have, you must not have sexual intercourse for six weeks.

During the first weeks of recovery, you can slowly starting eating normal foods, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. It may be necessary to avoid full showers for several days to keep water out of your wounds.

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